46th European Rotorcraft Forum

Moscow, 8-11 September

Covid-19 pandemic

Dear ERF participants,
IC committee decided to move ERF forum in Moscow into 2022 (next ERF-2021 will be conducted in UK) due to the situation with Covid-19 and limitation imposed by the Russian government on all people, who arrived from EU and some other countries (2 weeks quarantine).

However, we decided to publish all your final papers in the electronic format as ERF2020 proceedings (publisher http://www.delo.ranepa.ru/) with indexation in the Scopus database (pdf file will be provided). This publication will be free of charge.
If you want that your paper will be published, you should upload the final paper till 11/09/2020 (go into your account page and select "Paper submissions" option).
Please, use ERF abstracts template and upload in Word format.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Moscow on ERF-2022.

IC Committee

General Info

The European Rotorcraft Forum is one of the premier events in the rotorcraft community’s calendar bringing together manufacturers, research establishments, academia, operators and regulatory agencies to discuss advances in research, development, design, manufacturing, testing and operation of rotorcraft.

The ERFs are special events for the international rotorcraft community and many of us might even remember past ERFs as significant milestones in our careers – maybe the first public presentation for a PhD student, or a report on a multi-national collaborative research venture, the description of new technologies or operational capability for a development programme or the first announcement of new draft regulations. All these things and more can be found in the rich portfolio of a typical ERF. The ERF International Committee, responsible for the technical programme of the Forum, aims to provide a window on the rotorcraft world, to stimulate discussion and even provoke innovation.

The Forum takes place annually across Europe, rotating around the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland and Russia. The ERF is being organized by the various national aeronautical societies and co-batched by CEAS. The first ERF was held in Southampton, England, in 1975.