46th European Rotorcraft Forum

Moscow, 8-11 September

Guidance For Authors

Abstracts in English with a length between 1000 and 2500 words must be submitted in PDF format. The abstract should present the background and the status of the reported research including figures, illustrations and a summary of important conclusions. The status, including milestones, of any pending research/work required for the completion of the paper should be included. The abstracts will be evaluated based on the appropriateness of the work to the vertical flight industry, originality, technical quality, availability of (preliminary) results and completion status.

The online mask requests additional information from the author, like keywords, new or significant aspects of their work and the assignment of the paper to one of the session subjects.

Forum Organizers will apply the rule: “no paper, no podium”. If clearance is needed, it is the author’s responsibility to obtain the relevant authorization before submitting a full paper. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the Forum Organizers.


Please check the full paper guidelines before starting the full paper submission process. You can use the following template. To send the paper you should pass the registration on this web site and login into the cabinet.